Complete Memorial Restoration and Repair Solutions

Add Years of Beauty to Your Memorial With Our Help

Stones accumulate a layer of deposits resulting from city water sprinkler systems, dust, dirt, mold, mildew, lichens as well as fungus. Count on the experts at Willamette Memorials to delicately and thoroughly clean your loved one's headstone.

Through regular cleanings, you will not only make your stone as beautiful as the day it was purchased but also add decades, if not centuries, to the shine and longevity of your stone. Call us to discuss your options.

Enhance Your Stone's Appeal With Thorough Repair Work

On your walk through a memorial ground, you'll notice many worn and unkempt headstones. There are usually good reasons why headstones go unkempt. Most people are too busy or are unaware of the best practices to clean your loved one's grave site.
Just as you would call upon a specialist to clean your carpets or a hygienist to clean your teeth, the skilled team at Willamette Memorials is the one you need to ensure your stone is cared for and maintained. 
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We have 37 years of experience serving the families in Hubbard and the surrounding areas.

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